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Let's celebrate 40 years of Volunteers' Week!

Join us in celebrating Volunteers’ Week with an emphasis on celebration! This year, we’re foregoing a specific theme to focus on the spirit of appreciation and recognition, marking an incredible milestone of 40 YEARS OF VOLUNTEERS’ WEEK in the UK!

Our mission for the week remains unchanged: to highlight the diverse volunteer community, showcase volunteering opportunities, and inspire positive change. Volunteers play a vital role in every UK community, serving as the driving force behind various activities. Therefore, it is essential that we dedicate Volunteers’ Week to honouring and recognising their hard work and the significant contributions they make to our communities each year.

When celebrating with your volunteers this year, take a moment to recognise and remember each of them, past and present. From trustees to befrienders and fundraisers, it’s a great time to think about the fantastic contribution ALL volunteers make.

Throughout the week, we expect to see a wide range of events, from awards ceremonies and coffee mornings, to casual gatherings. With the week concluding with ‘The Big Help Out,’ encouraging more people to join the volunteering community.

We invite you to explore the many ways you participate in this year’s campaign, and access resources like graphics and guides to support your efforts during Volunteers’ Week. Let’s celebrate, appreciate, and inspire change together!

How to get involved!

Host an event

Events can be a great way to bring people together during Volunteers’ Week. There are many ways you can celebrate volunteers in person or online or even inspire someone new to volunteer. Here are just a few suggestions:

Recognition or Awards Evening: For Volunteers to hear from those they have helped and supported in their roles and be recognised formally for it can mean a lot to them. A recognition or awards evening can be a nice way to do that.

Volunteer Recruitment Fair or Open Day: Volunteers’ Week is a good time to generate new interest in your volunteering opportunities, reach potential volunteers in your area as well as highlight the efforts of your current volunteers. Hosting a recruitment fair with other local organisations or groups or an open day could be a great way for people to learn about the opportunities you have available and find out more about your organisation. The Big Help Out days would be the perfect time for these kind of events!

A Coffee Morning (in person or virtual): Hosting a Coffee Morning, whether in person or virtually, offers a relaxed and informal setting to show appreciation for your volunteers, without the need for complex arrangements.

We’ve provided some resources to help you in the planning, branding and promoting of your Volunteers’ Week events, whether they are in person or online. Including press release template, tips for contacting the media and MSPs, volunteer certificates, bunting, banners, selfie frame and photo props. We have also provided some tips for hosting an event on a budget. 

Share volunteer stories

Ask volunteers to share what motivated them to start and keep volunteering. They can share a brief written piece, video, photo diary, or drawing of their experience. Hearing from past volunteers could inspire someone!

You can share the stories on the website using the new, simple online form. Include images, as well as videos, to share volunteer experiences in their preferred style.

Engage on social media

Spread the word about Volunteers’ Week by sharing your plans, thank-you messages, photos, and videos on social media.

Use the official campaign hashtag for Scotland #VolunteersWeekScot to reach a wider audience. Use the new campaign resources to help showcase your participation and follow Volunteer Scotland on all channels to keep up to date with what’s happening in Scotland.

Power of Youth Day

Tuesday 4th June

Power of Youth Day is the annual opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the children and young people who are working to make positive change in their communities every day.

In a world where young voices are increasingly recognised as powerful agents of change, #PowerOfYouthDay stands as a testament to the impact and potential inherent in the younger generation. Organised by the #iwill Movement, this day is not just a celebration; it’s a call to action, an invitation for individuals and businesses to unite in recognising, empowering, and providing opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow. The Power of Youth Day theme for this year is #BeThatPerson.

The Big Help Out

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June

The Big Help Out is a national campaign taking place over the last three days of Volunteers’ Week. It is designed to raise awareness of volunteering throughout the UK, provide opportunities for people to experience volunteering, and make a difference in their communities.

In 2024, the Big Help Out seeks to provide a UK-wide moment where, over the course of three days, people can engage with volunteering for the first time or find new ways to volunteer. Through the Big Help Out platform (app and website) and media promotion, voluntary organisations can promote volunteering opportunities, including one-off and micro-volunteering, as well as information and taster session introductions to longer-term volunteering.

The app is being updated for 2024 and will allow opportunities published via the Volunteer Scotland Search Website to be linked (full details on this process will be shared soon!)

If you are planning to use these days to recruit, check out some of our top tips for engaging and recruiting new volunteers in our resources section