About Volunteers' Week

Volunteers’ Week is a UK wide campaign taking place from the first Monday in June every year! 

It’s a time when volunteering involving organisations and groups are encouraged to thank their volunteers, past and present and celebrate and recognise volunteering efforts.

The Volunteers’ Week campaign started in 1984 making this the 40th year! The campaign is led by a representative organisation in each of the four nations. Volunteer Scotland lead the campaign in Scotland, WCVA in Wales, Volunteer Now in Ireland and NCVO in England.

Celebrating 40 Years!

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Volunteers’ Week, the National Partners collectively agreed to rebrand the campaign and change the date. Each year, we will celebrate from the first Monday in June, making this year’s dates 3rd – 9th June.

The objective for the new brand was to develop a fresh and inspiring identity that would stand the test of time. Representing the diversity of those who participate each year, from large national organisations to small grassroots groups, was important to us to further enhance the strong sense of community and enjoyment we see throughout the campaign each year.

Updating the original logo while retaining its star element in an new way enables us to maintain a connection that makes individuals feel appreciated, recognised, and proud to be involved in Volunteers’ Week.

The vibrant colour palette is designed to bring joy and encourage engagement. We aspire for it to create lasting memories and inspire involvement in meaningful moments for years to come.

National Partners

Volunteers’ Week is a UK-wide campaign coordinated by lead organisations in each of the four nations. These leads oversee and deliver the campaign to their respective countries, collaborating with local and national organisations. Feedback from each lead is fed through the UK Volunteering Forum (UKVF). Though the campaign spans the UK, each nation customises its approach to suit its specific needs. For instance, Wales incorporates Welsh translation, and in Scotland we address MSPs rather than MPs.

Scotland Partners

In 2017, a sub-group in Scotland comprising various national and local organisations was established to further support and promote the campaign. After the launch of Scotland’s Volunteering Action Plan in 2022, the sub-group underwent a renaming and refocusing. Now known as the ‘Recognition and Celebration Action Group,’ its primary goal is to support not only Volunteers’ Week but also numerous other campaigns and initiatives. Members of the group include: